Rana believes ballet training is very beneficial to all children and young people, because it boosts working together of physical and spiritual being. Ballet students learn how to express themselves using their own body as a means of expression. By doing this, they get an opportunity to convey their feelings and thoughts. By committing to training in this art form they understand the power of self discipline, how ones mind can improve ones physical being . This is an invaluable tool for self confidence. It is not a coincidence that ballet students are often high achievers academically. An ideal education should provide students an opportunity to be brought up as individuals who can focus on their own interests and talent. If a student is interested and talented in ballet, then he/she should be given the chance to train in ballet.

It was Rana’s dream to train her best students to become Royal Academy of Dance registered ballet teachers to work in her own school and anywhere else they would like. At the moment, Rana’s School of Ballet has two regular teachers, Rana herself and Denise Rogan who she has trained from Primary School years to Advanced Level. Denise is a qualified Primary School teacher as well as a ballet teacher in our school. It is Rana’s vision to grow her school by training her own students who are high achievers as ballet teachers.

Rana also believes that Northern Ireland deserves to have its own Youth Ballet Company. She has been working on this project for some time and High Points Youth Ballet Community Interest Company was established in 2011 with this vision in mind.